STARDUST a minimalist Tarot Deck

There is a lot a different tarots in the world. We wanted to create a deck that most people could use no matter what kind of tarot they usually play with, as much for beginners as for confirmed tarot readers.

We designed a tarot on the theme of space with a touch of minimalism.

80 cards designed in FRANCE

– 22 Major Arcana / 56 Minor Arcana – 4 suits of 14 cards each (cups-hearts, wands-diamonds, swords-spades, pentacles-clubs)

– 2 extra cards 

70×120 mm

The deck contain 2 STRENGTH cards and 2 JUSTICE cards with their number exchanged, for those who play with these inverted cards. The extra cards will be at the end of the deck.
Either replace them in the deck or remove them.